1. A conscious, open-minded, exploration on the ever evolving process of holistic living individually and globally

Tova & Wild explores goodness topics pertaining to health, style, food, and good vibes with a conviction for the process of growth and a belief that everything is connected.



We approach goodness from a place of unbiased and open-minded curiosity, with a deep desire to get and answer our own questions on physical, emotional, and spiritual health. We believe that stories are transformative and personal experience is crucial in learning, sharing, and exploring these topics together. Science is imperative, but experience is transformative.

Good Style

Good style is the method of communication and manner in which we express ourselves, while also understanding that swooning over the latest trends, doesn’t negate one’s intellect—we desire to learn, explore, and impact the way style affects us individually and globally.

Good Food

We believe that good food is the cornerstone of health, central to beautiful moments of our days, and the most influential way we can impact our global community. We know that our planet is important and nutrition is vital to living whole lives, and that at the end of the day, food unites us.

Good Vibes

We traverse the globe looking for experiences, discovering the bucket list meals, unearthing new relationships, and sharing stories of life with the friends we meet, all the while believing that every f*** up, every do-over, and every meltdown is significant, worthy of sharing, and part of the journey.