What is Tova & Wild?

Tova & Wild is a resource that explores lifestyle topics from a holistic perspective, all the while understanding that through discussion, humility, and humor, we can all learn to be better individuals for ourselves and the world.

A Note From the Editor

Hi Dear Readers.

What you just read is our mission statement. When I say our, I am referring to a constellation of people that have helped me along the way to develop and focus what this site is to me and to you. I know that might sound a wee bit dramatic, but it kind of is—TW was not just something that I started out of the blue. It has been curated, cultivated, and shaped for a little over a year now, into what it is currently.

The truth is, I’ve been somewhat reluctant to define what it is TW is for a lot of reasons because, for me, it has meant so many things and showcases so many things, that it could also mean a number of different things to the people who view it. I have been hesitant to place barriers around the site because I so badly view it as something that is inclusive and expanding, and hopefully, for all of its users, it remains so—a judgment-free zone that allows you to be who you are.

I personally tend to shy away from any concepts, or ideals…anything, really, that neatly fits in a box, and I’ve never wanted TW to fall into one, but as it appears, we have found a place that fit comfortably and flexibly with what I view for Tova and Wild.

I began the journey to Tova and Wild back in June of 2017, after a somewhat sabbatical from creating and had absolutely no idea what I was doing. Initially, the blog was focused on interior design and decorating, as my background lends itself to that field, but something continued to feel incomplete. As much as I loved decorating and designing homes, I realized how my conversations would quickly jump from decor to meditation, and lifestyle topics and I started to notice that I wasn’t simply designing, but I was providing a lifestyle for clients to partake in. I began to turn to leaders in the wellness and lifestyle industry and discovered so many publications and blogs that taught me more of what I was currently interested in, and yet, at the same time, I found that so much of the prose written seemed prescriptive, dishonest, and disingenuine.

Where was the humor?

Where was the failure?

Why was everyone so serious?

I just wanted it to be real, so I started writing the kind of stories and articles that I wanted to read.

Holistic has also been one of those descriptive words I have been hesitant to prescribe to TW. Oftentimes, when I hear the word holistic, I think of a sort of LA reticent with sun-bleached hair who regularly detoxes, but I know for me personally, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Holistic refers to the whole person, and the whole person has good and bad, enjoys shopping and saving, loves cheeseburgers and animals, and yet, is complete—this is our definition.

Our topics can be broken down into the categories below, but are vast in their understanding and relatability.

1 Health & Beauty

Health & Beauty: is sort of a hodge-podge of all things that pertain to mindfulness, spirituality, fitness, sexuality, the planet, and personal care. 

2 Style

Style: everything from interior design to fashion to DIY, style is something that is transformative both inwardly and outwardly. 

5 Travel

Travel: goes beyond guides and destination trends, but looks at the world through the lens of conscious living and sustainability from a global perspective.

3 Food

Food: we all love it, we all need it. From recipes to practical food waste solutions, food is something that nourishes our bodies and our souls. 

6 Podcast

Love Handles, Podcast: focuses on interviews, discussions, and conversations regarding topics that we discover on Tova & Wild. 

So that’s what it is now, a small lifestyle site, that wants to expand into so much more,  with a name that means ‘good and wild,’ and has a mission of making you feel more understood, encouraged, and hopefully inspired both intellectually and emotionally, to live more holistic lives.

Stay a while, take a gander, read a post, listen to a podcast, ask questions, and learn for yourself. Thank you for listening and being there every step of the way.

— Drew



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Partner With Us

One way that Tova & Wild is looking towards expanding our audience and ushering in new content that caters to the unique take of TW is by partnering with brands, influencers, and creatives. We are extremely selective about the brands we work with, and retain editorial control of all content we publish across all platforms. We never publish stories written by brands, and we don’t allow brands to edit our content. It’s a stance we’ve taken to keep the integrity and standards of our content.

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