Welcome to Love Handles, Our New Podcast

I grew up in a very musical family. For anyone who has grown up in a similar situation then you will completely understand where I am coming from. Everyone can sing, everyone can play an instrument, and everyone seems to be fighting for a microphone. Whether my family knew that I would one day steal the spotlight or whether it was my inability to sing, for whatever reason, I was never given a microphone, and th

Somewhere deep within me was a desire to one day have a microphone, and because no one gave one to me I decided to get me one for myself—which is either profoundly vain thing to do or a way to save some money from visiting my therapists’ office every week. Either way, the purchasing of the microphone has lead to the start of Love Handles, a short little podcast delivered by me, that hopefully feels like you are talking to an old friend and you actually care what I have to say. Yep, definitely narcissism.

Love Handles will cover a range of topics that include but are not limited to feelings, feelings, what it’s like to have feelings, what it’s like to feel feelings, and why I feel like without talking about my feelings I will never get anything done.

So do me a solid this Valentine’s Day and take a listen, make me feel like you are truly my best friend, and redeem a part of my childhood that has been locked away until today, and then tell me what you want to hear. That’s all. I love you, you love me, now let’s all love each other’s love handles together.

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