June is Confidence Month

Oh June, you rear your beautifully sunny head once again. Although you are one of my most favorite months, this year you feel like an old friend welcoming me in with open arms. And yet, something about your greeting this time around feels more personal and sincere than other times. Here I am greeting you with a kiss on both faces you gorgeous month you.

This month, my wish for you is confidence. Confidence to face the unknown and be brave.

I can honestly say this is something I don’t always feel, but it is something I am feeling now. This month I feel like Fraulein Maria, stamping about Austria, ready to take on the world. Ok maybe not so fabulous, nevertheless this is what I wish to you.

This month, prepare to take on the unknown. Step into the reality you wish to have and go about it boldly. Realize your worth, and trust your gut, this month is for the movers and shakers. So get going. And know that you are stronger than fear.