The Artist Formerly Known as WLD·FLOW·ER

Oftentimes, seasons of change come when we least expect them. They creep in silently and patiently wait for you to notice their arrival. Other times they are loud and obnoxious and their presence is known. And sometimes they happen because someone else tells you the season is there. This is how I realized I was in a season of change, and how I realized Wldflower is ready for a change.

I started wildflower out of a desire to finish something I had started a while back.  But, what I didn’t realize was that I was not confident in myself to start wildflower; it really was more of a wallflower.

So, I am writing you now, after months of not creating – not writing – not pushing towards my goals, to announce the new name of our site, our brand, our identity.

Tova + Wild. a name that is not just significant to me, but in honor of a dear friend, that I feel with me always. I hope you can bear with this change of season once again, and feel free to wander online, watch a video, read a story, tell your own, buy some goods, and be yourself.

Thanks for listening, and thanks for always accepting me, just as I am.


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